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Welcome to the 2024 SE3 SEED Mentorship Program!


The SEA-MW SE3 SEED Mentorship program is designed to facilitate meaningful interactions between younger engineers with more experienced mid-level engineers and seasoned professionals.  The program encourages open and honest dialogue while helping individuals define their career goals, identify challenges, and take ownership of their own growth and development. Simultaneously, this initiative provides mid-level and seasoned professionals with valuable perspectives on effective mentorship of younger colleagues. It allows current and future leaders an opportunity to share practical insights and to improve their leadership proficiency. The main program goal is to enhance career satisfaction and promote long-term retention within the greater metropolitan Washington area industry.

Presented by Our Program Sponsors

The SEED mentorship program relies on the generosity and vision of our sponsors. Aligned with our mission to foster a diverse professional industry, elevate career aspirations, and promote long-term retention by offering mentorship, education, and networking opportunities for engineers. We express our sincere gratitude for their invaluable support.

Founding Mentorship Sponsor

SEA-MW Board of Directors


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Program Resources

This page serves as the central hub for program resources and updates on upcoming workshop and events. For any inquiries, please don't hesitate to email us at contact email below, and we will promptly respond to your questions.


Program Updates

Intermediate Workshop: Fostering Growth and Connection

The SEED Mentorship Program recently hosted an Intermediate Workshop at the SGH DC office, focusing on personal and professional growth. The event, held on March 13th, 2024, brought together mentors and mentees for a day of insightful discussions.

The workshop began with Behavioral Assessment results review and discussions led by Resolute Consulting. Participants gained deep insights into their personality traits, motivators, collaboration preferences, and communication styles. A representative from PI Mid-Atlantic further elaborated on the assessment results, enhancing participants' self-awareness and understanding of their peers.

A highlight of the workshop was the breakout sessions, where participants engaged in discussions based on their assessment results. These sessions were enriching, allowing participants to share experiences and insights, strengthening their connections.

The SEED Mentorship Program extends sincere thanks to all participants for their active engagement and valuable contributions, which made the workshop a success.

Stay tuned for more updates and events from the SEED Mentorship Program as we continue to support your growth and development

Kick-off Workshop:

January 24th, 2024 marked a pivotal moment as we warmly welcomed 51 enthusiastic participants to the kick-off workshop, setting the stage for a transformative 6-month journey dedicated to professional growth.

The energy in the room during the kick-off workshop was nothing short of inspiring, as each participant wholeheartedly embraced the opportunity to jumpstart this enriching mentorship experience. Special thanks to Joanna Kozlowski from Resolute Consulting, whose expertise has equipped our participants with enhanced tools and resources, ensuring an unparalleled experience throughout the program. 

The commitment and dedication of our participants have set the stage for collaborative learning and growth over the next six months. As we celebrate this achievement, we eagerly anticipate the continued success of the SEED Mentorship Program. Stay tuned for more updates, milestones, and shared accomplishments as we navigate this transformative professional journey together!

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